What is the best investment in a time of recession and inflation?

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Recession and prosperity are two situations in which a country's economy will be affected from time to time, and this is an integral part of economics. Therefore, people should already be aware of the ratio of "best investment in times of recession" and "best investments in times of inflation".

Macroeconomic conditions as well as different housing, gold, coin, currency and capital market markets will be different in each of the booms and busts. Therefore, investors need to put their eggs in appropriate baskets in accordance with the conditions governing the country's economy.

Be sure to increase your savings during a recession

While a recession may have some detrimental economic consequences, it certainly has its benefits. One of these benefits is the reduction of costs and, of course, the increase in people's ability to save more. You first need to have good savings to be able to think about the best investment in times of inflation.

Although a recession is the best time to buy some essentials and consumer goods, be sure to plan for more savings during this time. Because during an economic boom, the economy will usually experience high inflation. It will also increase your living expenses.

To understand this issue, it is enough to consider the economic conditions of our country in 1992-96 and compare them with the following years. Certainly, the saving power of Iranian citizens has sharply decreased in the years after 1996.

One of the best ways to save more money during this time is to increase your income. So you can think of a second job, a part-time job, earning money from the internet or improving your specialty.

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